My main marketing strategy is this: To expose your property to as many of the right buyers as possible. I do this through web, multiple MLS systems, print and social networking.



I cannot image what real estate agents did before the internet! How did the expose their listings to millions of potential buyers 24/7? Well the obvious answer is that they didn't. The web is the best tool I have to get your property out there to inquiring buyers. I have spent a lot of time honing my web and internet skills. I feel I have truly cornered the Kremmling market by owning over 25 domain names that have something to do with Kremmling area real estate. These include the following to name just a few;,,, and

Additionally, I will expose your property to millions of buyers not just through my own websites but on an additional 100+ property searching websites. These include the following just to name a few;,,,,,,,, and

Multiple MLS Systems

I am a member of the Grand County Board of Realtors and the Summit Association of Realtors. What does that mean to you? That means that your property will appear on two different MLS systems, exposing your property to hundreds of Realtors. The MLS is perhaps the most useful tool available to Realtors. As Realtors, we all have buyers we are working with to find that perfect property. Just imagine, when I load your property onto the MLS system, hundreds of Realtors will see it as a new listing. Each one of those Realtors has anywhere from a few buyers to hundreds of buyers they are working with. When that Realtor sees your property they will then share it with their qualified buyers. By cooperating, Realtors are able to work together effectively and efficiently.

Print Advertising

Mountain Homes Illustrated and the Grand County Real Estate Guide are two publications that are widely distributed throughout the high country. They are comprehensive, free and appropriate. I have found buyers for my listings through both of these publications.  I also run a weekly ad in the local paper, The Grand Gazette, to market and expose my listings to the local community and visitors.

Social Networking

Social networking is a passive but effective way to network and advertise. I am a member of both professional and social networks and I make sure that everyone knows what I do for a living. The connections I have made within these networks are people I know and have done business with. My goal is that they would recommend me to their friends and family or at the very least browse my website and your property.