Purchasing property is a big decision, however, with my assistance I hope to make your purchase as smooth as possible. Here a few tips to make buying simple.

1. Finding the Right Realtor: When someone decides to sell their home, they interview several agents. However, buyers sometime find an agent "by accident". Many buyers see a property they like and just call the agent on the sign. This may or may not be the right person for you. When looking for an agent look for someone who describes the buying process and not just someone who shows you pretty pictures of houses.  Ask your friends and family for a personal referral or read online reviews.  You will also want an agent who really knows their market and area. Don't be one of those buyers who accidentally ends up with the wrong agent for them just because they called the agent on the sign. Please read my client testimonials to hear what others had to say about working with me on their real estate purchase.  Please also visit my Zillow profile for more client reviews


2. Get Pre-Qualified: If you plan to finance your purchase, be sure to meet with a lender before hand to find out your budget and price range. There is nothing worse than finding a property you love and finding that is out of your price range.

3. Take Notes & Photos: When you are out seeing property with your agent take notes and photos. It is very easy to start confusing properties even after seeing only a few. When you are ready to decide which property is right for you it will be helpful to refer back to your initial thoughts about a particular property.

4. Home Inspection: A home inspection is worth its weight in gold! Your home inspector will look at all elements of the home and let you know items of concern. It is important for you to know what you will be inheriting as the new owner.

5. Special Inspections: Ask your agent if special inspections are recommended. Part of your due diligence can include inspections of the septic system, well, water quality and soils test. Your agent will be able to advise you which inspections you should consider.

6. Home Owners Insurance: Shop around for home owners insurance. You would be surprised to find that rates vary drastically.