CASE STUDY: Why you might want to considering using the lender that is recommended by your Realtor

Its 2 am and you can't sleep. You are stuck watching late night television and you see a commercial for Quick as a Rocket Home Loans (or some derivative) with some outrageously low rate, screaming low loan closing costs, etc.  You are intrigued.  You have been thinking about buying a home and with a rate that low your buying power just increased by $20,000. 



Remember, we live in the rural mountains of Colorado, not some cookie-cutter suburban subdivision.  Lenders like Quick as a Rocket Home Loans do not like unusual properties (which would be nearly everything in our area).  So while the rate might be fantastic and the fees low; if you can't buy the home what does it really matter. 

Here's the deal.  Lenders from out of the area typically employ appraisers from out of the area (ie, the big city).  Big city appraisers do not know or understand our rural mountain markets.  Therefore, they have trouble completing their appraisal reports and can crash your dreams of owning a home.   Mountain lenders use mountain appraisers who have access to our local sales and understand the difference between Old Park, Spring Creek and Big Horn Park. 

You might only buy one or two homes in your life time.  I on the other hand am intimately involved with lenders, appraisers, home inspectors and title companies on a daily basis.  I have worked with many lenders and know the good ones from the bad.  Please; help me, help you.  I don't get any kickbacks by sending you to one of my preferred lenders (that is illegal by the way).  The only thing I get is the piece of mind that you are in good hands for obtaining financing for the home of your dreams.  Please reach out to me today for my preferred vendor list.